Legal Survival Guide:

Florida Laws You Should Know

Once you turn 18 years old, you are legally considered an adult in this country. But what does that actually mean? From the right to cast your vote in the next election to entering into a lease for your first apartment to serving on a jury, you are about to enter a new and exciting world of rights, responsibilities, and obligations. The Florida Bar's Legal Survival Guide is key in understanding how the law will impact your daily life.

Florida Driving Laws

Lemon Law
Helmet Laws
Window Tint Laws
Seat Belt and Car Seat Laws
Texting and Driving Laws
Police Encounters: Traffic Stops
Auto Insurance Requirements

Smoking Law
Hemp and CBD Law
Marijuana Law

Substance Use Law

Florida Employment Laws

Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
Background Checks
Minimum Wage and Overtime
Workplace Safety
Employment of Minors

Legal Age of Consent
Divorce Law
Common-law Marriage

Florida Family Law

Florida Self-Defense Law

Knife, Pepper Spray and Stun Gun Laws
Stand Your Ground Law
Gun Laws

Voting Law
Jury Duty Law

Citizenship Law

Housing & Transactional Law

Student Loans

Social Media Responsibility
Sexual Cyber Harassment

Internet Law