About the Legal Survival Guide

The Legal Survival Guide is developed and administered by the Law Related Education Committee of The Florida Bar, whose purpose is to promote effective law related education programs in grades K-12, with an emphasis on teaching young citizens respect for the legal system, and for people and their property.

For more than 20 years, the committee has published legal information for high school and college-age young adults. It started with an extensive, 32-page brochure that was mailed to high school guidance counselors across the state. Like the website, the brochure was designed to help young adults make better decisions and understand the liability and responsibilities of entering into legal contracts and agreements such as leasing an apartment or buying a car - and to also understand the consequences of drinking and driving, using fake IDs and more.

The committee seeks to maintain and enhance the cooperative efforts of attorneys, educators and law enforcement personnel in the field of law related education in Florida. Committee members actively support and promote the Florida High School Moot Court Competitions, the Florida Supreme Court Teacher Institute, and the Teachers' Law Symposium.